Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Drop-In Angel

Like every homeowner, The Captain and I have tons of home improvement projects looming over our heads. May I be as bold as to say we might even have more than most folks because we bought a 175-year-old broken down Bayman's Cottage that we extended ourselves (I GC'd). As such, our To-Do list is never-ending. Actually, we have 2 To-Do lists: the "quick" project list and the "big" project list, each divided again into interior and exterior so when the opportunity presents itself -- infrequently with the boys' crazy schedule -- I can choose a project appropriate to my availability. Every free moment I get, I look to the list and choose the highest priority item that offers me the possibility of completion. Mind you, free moments don't come easily or often in my world as, in addition to the To-Do list, there's always just the regular day-to-day stuff that needs doing -- and,sadly, even that often falls by the wayside. And then The Captain has his own priorities and, I might add, they are frequently not the same as mine (occasionally a point of contention... but I'm not alone there). So, when our put-it-up-take-it-down 15' round pool stood half finished with no water in it with July 1st creeping up quickly, that project floated quickly to the top of MY exterior "quick" project list. I mean, how would I entertain the kids day in and day out this summer without the pool? Needless to say, since The Captain works every day and and many nights, he rarely has time to take a dip... so, it was not his top priority at all. Unfortunately for me, this particular project required at least 2 people to finish. And I'd taken it as far as I could go. Someone had to watch the kids while I installed the pool rims and wall supports, filled it, set-up the pump and shocked it for swimming. Along came my angel!

Marko, my friend of 15+ years, decided to stop by on his way through to visit his father who lives 3 hours north of us. Marko lives 6 hours south of us so I rarely see him -- it's typically years between visits. He pulled up looking completely angelic -- actually Hell's Angelic with his leather vest and Harley Davidson motorcycle... complete with a star-spangled helmet (honoring his days in the Marine Corps). A good look, I might add. No sooner did he dismount and dispensed his trademark bear hug than he asked what he could do for me. Now, the beauty about the Drop-In Angel is that they are not entangled in the ridiculous day-to-day prioritizing and re-prioritizing of the To-Do list. After a brief catching up, Marko saw a few unfinished tasks, including the pool, and made a genuine offer to help me finish. I accepted (you have to say yes to your angels or they can't do their good deeds.) He pulled his handy-dandy Leatherman from his pocket and within an hour, the pool was complete and the hose was running full-force... much to the delight of my 3 children.

We were swimming the very next day and every day since!

Thanks Marko --my leather-clad angel on a Harley. I used to just think of you as my Marine... but now, you're my angel too. You know what they say, "the Lord works in strange ways!"

Say yes to an angel today and let them work their magic in your life!

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Shambala said...

Wow, what a cool Angel!

Blessings from the Angels!