Sunday, June 29, 2008

Angels Calling

Sorry I've been MIA but life continues to move at break-neck speeds. My 6-years-young old soul tells me, "Mom, if life is running away from you, chase it!" And so I do, chase my version of the proverbial golden ring.... a peaceful path for my children, my husband and myself. Fortunately, on my journey along this path, I've been blessed with the presence and divine intervention of angels who come in different forms throughout my life. Being all but quarantined with my children due to the crazy therapy schedules we keep, almost my favorite kind of angels are the ones that keep reappearing. Those angels whose sixth sense tell them at precisely the right time that I need a supportive word. And the telephone line delivers them to me.

My favorite telephone angels grace my life with their humor... with perfect timing. These angels include my sister, Cathy; my friend, Christopher; my girlfriend, Lori; and my friend, Marko. These folks consistently call at just the right time and, instead of asking for updates and offering advice, they make me laugh. I mean REALLY LAUGH... OUT LOUD AND FROM THE HEART at the trials and tribulations of their lives as well as mine. They have the ability to turn my mood such that the conveyance of a stressful event -- which formerly might have been a downer in the retelling -- suddenly becomes fodder for the best stand-up comedian. I laugh til I cry and I hang up happy. A little break from the day-to-day routine of my life.

My Mom sometimes says that technology is the devil's invention, claiming it drives people away from face-to-face communication. And, while I sort-of agree... under certain circumstances, I have to thank God for telephone technology... especially those cell phones. It enables my loved ones who don't live near enough to me or are just a bit too busy chasing their own lives for a face-to-face encounter, to reach out and touch me... whenever and wherever the need arises. So, here's to my telephone angels and to the technology that brings these loved ones to me on a regular enough basis to keep me laughing.

Be some one's angel today! Call an old friend that you haven't spoken with in awhile just to say hello!

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