Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Day, Another Angel

It amazes me that people continuously offer their help and assistance to others, without being asked. As you know, our financial situation is less than rosy but doesn't really stink either. Some months ago, I asked a down-the-block neighbor who had successfully installed a beautiful brick-in-sand patio and walk way at his home to share his tips and secrets for such beautiful work. I mentioned that we hoped to tackle a similar project in due time, pavers already sitting on pallets in the driveway for 9 months. Last week, this neighbor -- who after losing his "real" job to the failing economy now does masonry/construction work -- offered me base sand leftover from one of his jobs for use in my project. The sand was in the back of his pick-up truck and he'd intended to dump it. But, as he drove past our house he thought of me and stopped to offer. I gratefully agreed and first thing this morning, said neighbor laid down a tarp in my back yard and shoveled a yard of sand out for our use... as well as offering his truck to pick up additional materials as needed. It's folks/angels like these -- who seize every opportunity to help others -- that make the world a nice place to be.

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