Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heaven Sent You

Some days I don't feel like I've met any angels... But, when I really stop and think about it... There they are. Shining examples of helpers who, in simple ways, make my life easier.

So here it is: As usual, we're rushing out to school, late again. Wanting desperately to walk despite the late departure I decide, "to heck with getting there on time". If my old soul refuses to get out of bed when I tell her to and then dilly dallies during get-ready time, that's her problem. Right? I want to walk to school and then take the long walk home past the river -- some exercise and soul-soothing for me and educational for the boys (as I stop and point at/talk about absolutely every bit of wildlife we see on the way). The old soul will have to suffer the natural consequences of her behavior and arrive late at school.

Still, as we're near-running down the block behind the double stroller filled with half-dressed boys -- NOT relaxing at all -- a driving neighbor slows to say good morning. Now, everyone who knows me and lives in the 'hood' knows I walk because I want the exercise. But, today, this neighbor says hello and must have recognized the frenzied look on my face, or perhaps because I was still in my pajamas (just kidding... sort of), and asks the usually ill-fated question, "Want me to take her?" "YES!!! That would be wonderful" I say as the mini-van door slides open to the pleasure of my and his [also 6-year-old] daughter who dilly-dallied and was running late for school just like us. Perfect!

Thanks for the ride, Frank. Heaven definitely sent you!

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